Vanakam Makkaley

We are going to have a look at the CSR campaign called “Break the Chain” by the Kerala government. With this campaign, Kerala was able to control Corona effectively.

Kerala fights Coronavirus in its unique way. It launched an awareness campaign using cartoon characters to orient people to the new normal social messages like washing hands regularly using soap or sanitizer, wearing masks and continuing to maintain social distance. Hand hygiene has been hailed as the effective way to break the transmission of the virus covid 19. Hand washing should be complemented by maintaining proper respiratory hygiene, avoiding touching on the face unnecessarily and by doing away with social greetings like handshakes.

Health Minister KK Shailaja flagged off this campaign in the state on May 21. She explained that “We have introduced the campaign in five cities as of now and the main aim is to spread the awareness of these new-normal habits in one’s life with the help of this campaign”. The cartoons were painted by popular cartoonists of the state on the walls across the state.

Kerala has taken many positive steps in the wake of the pandemic. This campaign created awareness among people. It was a super hit campaign on social media. An innovative campaign that reminded people about the basic agenda to follow during the pandemic which will reduce the spread of the virus.

So, they implemented Guerrilla marketing in the CSR campaign. #hastag campaign is also a recent trend which can be practised.

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