Vannakam Makkalae

      We are going to gain knowledge about “How Edward Bernay increased the sales of Cake mixes?”

       Edward Bernay inaugurated the notion that in order to sell anything, it was best to link with the deepest desires and fears of people. He understood that there was a link between culture and consumption that could not be wasted.

        During World War 2, there was a breakthrough in the food industry. The rise of instant preparations was high. As people had less time to cook, it was the time when ready mixes were introduced. The cake mixes- Betty Crocker Instant cake mixes were sold in the market. Though there was a requirement, the sales were not up to the expectations. 

       Edward Bernay was approached and he did a Freud psychology and analysed the subconscious mind of the ladies, who were cooking in the kitchen those times. This survey was conducted specially for a focused group aimed at housewives.

     He found that the ladies did not experience the satisfaction of making the cakes with the readymade cake mixes. So, he created a new trick. Yes. He told the companies to sell the cake dough and added instructions that eggs have to be added to the dough and then baked. This would give them a greater sense of participation that removed the barrier of guilt. 

      The sales soared up (It gave them the satisfaction of baking cakes).  So, he took the principle and analysed it and made a breakthrough.

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