1st Campaign:

    The famous SAARANG festival in IIT happened in 2016. There were numerous stalls. Times Of India had an extravagant stage, thundering RJ systems and pulled the crowd towards them. I had only a kiosk and felt inferior.

   What is the best way to attract people? An idea clicked. I called the balloon man, filled up 500 gas balloons, extended the length of the twig to 6 meters, added the flyer of our company on the top and the bottom and flew it. By 3.30 pm the balloons bombarded the IIT campus and mostly every audience had our pamphlet in their hand. We got 35 leads and orders worth Rs.40, 000. Also, a popular marketing platform called “Mad Over Marketing” tagged us in their Facebook post. It was a prestigious moment.

So, to achieve success in marketing, an MBA degree or particular skill is not mandatory. Strategic thinking and innovative ideas are the key strengths required.

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