Vanakam Makalle. 

                               History of Guerrilla Marketing

        The main goal of advertisements was to educate the customer on the product or service. However, agencies struggled to make an impression on consumers. Also, the consumers were tired of being marketed.

         The term Guerrilla Marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book 1984. The concept was used from Ancient Greek time. Levinson comes from a background as the senior Vice- president at J. Walter Thompson and Creative director. In his book, he proposes unique ways of approaching traditional forms of advertising. The goal of Guerrilla Marketing was to use unconventional tactics and tricks to advertise on a low budget. This advertising style relies on unconventional marketing strategy and imagination. 

        Levinson suggests that campaigns need to be shocking, unique and clever. It needs to create a copious amount of social buzz and surprise the consumer. 

        The Greek terminology “Pornai” stands for a prostitute. From that word “porn” or “Pornography” words derive. Prostitution in Ancient Greek times was reasonably accepted. So, to make themselves visible in the crowd, these prostitutes have a mark “Follow Me” in their shoes or sandals. The sandals would leave an imprint on the ground. Men/women can easily identify and follow them. So, the “Call for Action” technique was used.

         How can we use this concept in recent times, especially for small businesses in an innovative way?   For example, how to create awareness regarding social distancing- Stay away from people concepts can be used.

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