Vanakam Makkale.

       Guerrilla marketing is a creative content marketing strategy that prides itself on being unconventional methods to boost sales or attract interest in a brand.

  Guerrilla marketing initially was a concept aimed towards small businesses with a small budget; however, big businesses also started adopting this ideology. When executed well, it will be low-cost yet reach a highly targeted audience. The motive behind guerrilla marketing is to spread your ideas about the business at a low cost.  

   Creativity always matters for Guerrilla marketing because it has to be unique all the time. Also, the future of Guerrilla Marketing is very positive.

     We are going to see the history of Guerrilla marketing. Let me share a story about it. There was a theatre proprietor by the name Richard Daly in 1780 in Dublin. He had a bet with his friends. He planned on introducing a new word.

      He called all the wall art, street art artists and made them write the “QUIZ” all over the town. The walls, banners, everything had the word “QUIZ” on them. The next day the strange word was the talk of the town. People started noting it and went on searching for the answer or the meaning of the word.

     He introduced a new word through his marketing technique through wall art and within a short time; it had become part of the language. This is called Guerrilla Marketing.

      How are you planning to implement this technique in your business and service?

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