Vanakam Makkale.

        Today we are going to look into the topic- Publicity Stunts in Guerrilla Marketing and how it is performed?

        Publicity Stunts is an important feature in Guerrilla Marketing. It became famous in 1905 when a magician named “Houdini” performed publicity stunts. One of his popular publicity stunts was to have himself strapped into a regulation straitjacket and suspended by his ankles from a tall building or crane. After finding his body in the air, he escaped from the straitjacket. 

What is a publicity Stunt?

         The campaign is designed to attract public attention which will, in turn, help build publicity for the brand. They can be professionally organized, or set up by amateurs.  The media will take note of the unique campaigns and include them as an article in their channel.

  Who uses these publicity Stunts?

       Cinema artists, politicians, etc use publicity stunts.  Celebrities participate in publicity stunts to promote their current project or at times, just for attention.

         Example: Politician Jagan Mohan Reddy launched 1088 ultra-modern mobile medical units and ambulances and made them operate on the road. These services will certainly reduce the response time in case of emergency and improve the access to healthcare services by the poor, especially those living in the remote corners of the state. Healthcare services would be available at people’s doorstep. The ambulance services will go a long way in tackling the pandemic.  It was a grand event. 

        So, how will you promote your brand with publicity stunts? 

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