Vanakam Makkale.

       In this video, we are going to deal with an important ideology. Yes. While marketing or doing business, it is always ok to fail, it is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to relax and take a pause. Failure is inevitable. You can learn substantially more from failure than success.

     While you are running a campaign or ideation process, it is ok to fail. There is no law that we should always succeed in our efforts. Failures might leap in and as a marketer, we have to accept it. We must learn from our mistakes.

    I have failed in a lot of my business campaigns. My Hyderbad expansion plan was a big flop because of the language problem, recruitment confusions, etc. Many of my decisions have gone wrong. I have planned many campaigns, operated pilot campaigns, imagined it to go viral and yet it has failed.

    Once you make mistakes, it is not necessary to feel guilty about it. We have to learn from our mistakes.

     It is a tough situation for all of us. We have to deal with our ego and stay home and safe. If you are an entrepreneur, you can take a pause. Survival is the important need of the hour.

  I always had financial needs and never relaxed. After 100 days, I reduced the costs.

  There will always be issues like Facebook privacy issues, Execution problems and many more. Just relax and always remember- “This too shall pass”.

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