Vanakam Makkalae.

       Today we are going to find out if Guerrilla Marketing can change the lifestyle of people. 

       Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Americans usually had orange juice, bread and coffee for breakfast. The Beech-Nut packing company was struggling to sell one of its largest meat products- Bacon. So they approached Edward Bernay and asked him to conduct a campaign that would increase their bacon sales. Instead of simply reducing the price, Bernays posed a more probing question- Who tells the public to eat. Doctor! 

       Edward considered the “Freud Psychology” and made a plan. He met a doctor and enquired him about the breakfast options. He wants the opinion whether “heavy breakfast is good, or should we go on a lighter breakfast?” Also, if bacon and eggs are good choices for a heavy breakfast. The doctor examined and informed him that “heavy breakfast is a better option and bacon with eggs is good to go with”.

        Edward requested the doctor to write to their fellow doctors about these questions. The doctor sent a survey to 5000 fellow doctors and mostly all of them voted for bacon and eggs, which is regarded as a heavy and hearty breakfast. 

       So, Edward took the reports and published them as an article. People’s intentions changed and the sales of the bacon rose remarkably. It is no wonder Edward was known as the “Master of Spin”.  The Americans’ choice of breakfast was changed by the Guerrilla marketing concept.

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