Vanakam Makkalae.

       The pandemic has made many jobless, some are poorly paid and many of them are closing businesses and in a depressing state. Companies are ditching offices and moving to new virtual hiring and remote work practices. There is a great depression and it is absolutely enormous and incredibly fast. Social distancing practice does not allow people to interact with each other in person. 

        A strip club in Portland had no business which means no profit or revenue. The persons in these clubs were independent contractors, so they did not get the benefits of the government. The business owner waited for the situation to be normal. However, there was no hope.

       That was the time he started Boober Eats. The chef cooked food, the securities and bouncers attended the calls and the strip club men and women delivered the food. Boober Eats delivers the club’s full menu, including Chicken fingers, mini corn dogs, and Steak bites. They are sold at their standard prices. From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. alcoholic drinks, ginger beer and Red Bull are available. A $30 delivery fee is added depending on the customer’s distance from their bar. They also accept a generous tip from the customers.  

      This was a rocking idea and hit international fame. Many other strip clubs started food delivery services.

    The main learning here is – “Repurposing the product”. They were into a specific job and when they found out it was not going to work, they worked on something else and achieved success.

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