What do you need primarily for Guerilla marketing?

For Guerilla marketing, you need three things the most:

1.   Imagination

2. Time

3.    Energy


While digital marketing does have its perks and benefits, nothing screams creativity like real-life experiential advertising found on the streets. People are waiting on the edge of their seats to start spending more time outdoors, which also means that advertisers have an opportunity to execute their creative vision in a way that will be appreciated like never before. This is where Guerrilla marketing can come forward to exceed consumer’s expectations and give them the memorable experience they’ve been craving.


This type of marketing requires you spend a particular amount of time in ideating and executing the method of advertising. It is generally the small companies that opt for this kind of marketing as it is cost effective and reaches a large number of audience. So invest the desired amount of time to come up with an interesting idea that’ll gain the required traction for your sales to skyrocket.


As a small company it is not possible to outsource labour to execute the idea. But it shouldn’t stop you from doing what is necessary. This doesn’t necessarily mean that only you have to do it. Either you can do it on your own along with your teammates or you can do it with the help of your friends that would be willing to do it for you. Put in the effort, trust the process and reap the benefits.

Miele’s Vaccuum Cleaner ad:

In today’s innovative Guerillla marketing strategy let us see about the interesting advertisement of a vacuum cleaner by Miele, a German home appliances manufacturer. The ad used its imagination, time and very little energy to execute this idea but it made them go viral on the internet back then.

In view of advertising their new product S8 vaccuum cleaner, they created a video that consisted of a billboard above a famous tunnel in the city. The billboard consisted of the vacuum cleaner with it suction pipe extending to the opening of the tunnel. The company marketed the feature of “monster suction” of the vacuum cleaner with this video where it looked like the vehicles were being sucked in.

This ad was created without any billboard or giant tube but only with a small edit of a video. This cost the company very minimal amounts but just about the right imagination, time and energy to make them the talk of the town.

Think out of the box for your marketing strategies next time!

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