What is Guerrilla Marketing?

   The goal of guerrilla marketing is to increase awareness of a product or service by using low-cost marketing techniques. In his 1984 book, “Guerrilla Advertising”, American business writer Jay Conrad Levinson used the term “guerrilla marketing.” As the internet has evolved, guerrilla marketing has gained popularity among marketers.

Marketing Strategies: The Elements of Success:

Guerrilla advertising strategies include the following components:

Smart: A successful guerrilla marketing advertisement should be smart so that it leaves consumers thinking about and interpreting it.

Engaging: It should capture the consumer’s attention and make them appreciate the advertisement.

Memorable: It should elicit an emotional response in consumers.

Interactive: It should be interactive, either with the surrounding area or with consumers.

Pedigree Guerrilla Marketing Example:

In front of supermarkets and pet stores, Pedigree placed stickers in the shape of a dog barge. Pedigree dog food essence was used to make these stickers, making them irresistible to every dog passing by. Immediately, their owners knew what to buy because the dogs ran towards the sticker and started sniffing, licking, and waggling their tails.

   So, people were ready to buy the dog food – Pedigree. The campaign was a great success and increased the sales of the company.

  Through innovative thinking, they managed to increase sales without spending much.

   How are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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