Guerrilla marketing examples, creative marketing ideas

  What is Guerrilla Marketing?

    The goal of Guerrilla marketing is to use unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results at a low cost.

Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing:

1.                       Great for a low budget:

Guerrilla marketing is defined by the use of unusual advertising strategies to engage customers in fresh and interesting ways. Many of the experiences are interactive and can take place in unexpected areas, making them a cost-effective approach to increase brand exposure.

2.                       Opportunity to go viral:

  Consumers may capture a memorable impression and distribute it throughout the world in today’s culture, thanks to the vast amount of technology and the growing number of individuals who have access to the internet. Marketing efforts have the potential to become viral and reach millions of people.

3.                       Memorable:

By their very nature, guerrilla marketing tactics are memorable and unconventional, and they have the power to create a lasting impact on customers. Buyers are left shocked, impressed, and wanting to learn more about the product and/or service after a successful campaign. Brand remembrance is aided by this marketing tactic.

   Large corporations are increasingly using guerrilla marketing to boost public awareness of their brands and to highlight their market competition.

   Example by Tyskie Beer:

          As part of their marketing strategy, Tyskie affixed beer mug stickers on the doors of restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

  This is an interesting campaign. They have shown a difference in the door push and pull. The sticker’s placement is quite creative.

   We have seen stickers in Zomato, Swiggy, etc. However, here they have reminded us about their brand.

So, how are you planning to implement these ideas in your business?

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