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What is the Hindi Teriyadhu Poda Campaign?

   It was a viral content that circulated in the social media. It was about marketing to a certain set of people with regards to culture. It is called as Ethnic or Cultural marketing.

    An ethnic marketing effort is one that is aimed at a certain ethnic group of consumers.

     Ethnic marketing is illustrated in a McDonald’s advertisement that shows an African-American family eating McDonald’s food.

Reasons for Ethnic Marketing:

1.         The level of competition has increased in most industries

2.         Companies look for innovative ways to build customer loyalty and be profitable

3.         Using ethnic marketing, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors in saturated markets and come up with new products.

4.         The ethnic segment is a sizable one that has purchasing power

5.         A marketing segment based on ethnicity can be identified and targeted

Guidelines for Ethnic Marketing:

· Be mindful of the cultural uniqueness of your target market.

· Embrace cooperation and partnership with community leaders and other organizations in the community.

· Take the time to discover and understand the cultural practices, symbols, beliefs and practices of your target group.

· Language, accents, practices, and societal differences should be valued.

· Ensure that your message is shared through word-of-mouth and interpersonal communication.

     In this globalisation trend, the consumer does benefit from the attention of big business. The fragmentation of markets will enhance the appeal of companies that provide customized and responsive offers.

So, how are you planning to implement ethnic marketing in your business?

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