In a nutshell, guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing tactic that is usually cost-effective and high-impact. For maximum publicity and exposure, guerrilla campaigns often take place in public spaces, unlike traditional advertising like TV ads, posters, and billboards.

  Often referred to as experiential marketing, street marketing can engage directly with an audience by inviting them to interact directly with a brand.

  If you have been to many car parks in your life, chances are you have seen some questionable parking spaces based on size or location. Jeep, on the other hand, managed to take this idea of crazy parking places and grow it into an excellent guerrilla marketing campaign.

  Jeep produced a number of parking spots and placed them in difficult and unconventional spots to highlight their off-road capabilities. They advertised its vehicle’s city maneuverability and expert handling with simple street paint. On city steps, planting boxes, and uneven surfaces, they drew mock parking spots. Moreover, the creative campaign helped keep a positive image of Jeep in consumers’ minds.

   The chances of you parking in them would be pretty slim if you were in a normal car.

Jeep’s off-road capabilities are impressive. The product may have been advertised on traditional television to tell consumers about its handling benefits, but Jeep took the product to its natural habitat: the streets. Rather than telling, it demonstrated the benefits of compact vehicles in cities.

   They created a brand identity in a parking space. So, how are you planning to implement these types of ideas in your business?

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