Vanakam Makkalae

     During these tough times of pandemic, many people are in the intention that people will not be ready to purchase things. However, a lot of innovative and unique campaigns by some businesses proved that they were able to reach people and bring attention and increase their sales.

     A simple yet powerful campaign by Temple City restaurant by K.L.Kumar grabbed the limelight by many local and international media. What did he do?

     Masks have become the new normal in this pandemic. There are many types of masks circulating on social media. From the DIY version to the designer masks, there are tons of them. Indians are always very creative from making the ordinary to extraordinary.

   Kumar thoughtfully introduced a “Mask Parota” to create awareness about wearing a mask during the Corona times. They just changed the design of the usual Veechu Parota and priced it at Rs.60 per plate. He said “the idea was first conceived by parotta master (a chef who specialized in parota-making) S.Sathish who tried it for two days to get the look and texture of the mask.  People were queuing up for the mask parota all covered with masks.

        Extra money was not spent, there was no special launch. All they did was, designed an innovative parota, clicked a photo and posted on social media. The post went viral and they also got millions of followers. The campaign took social media by storm. The main reason behind the simple campaign is creativity and lateral thinking.

    Temple City has also created 101 types of dosas, Baba film type dosa, Tendulkar dosa, etc. They innovated many items and this mask parota was a super-hit.

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