Vanakam Makkaley

        Do you want to know about a campaign that won international fame? Yes. A company called the Art Kingdom owned by Gautham creates art and his artistic sculptures are made using recycled materials. He is also the world’s longest hiker, disposing of up to 75 kms of plastic rubbish on the sidewalks.

        The company has an outstanding performance. However, during the corona time, the campaign they did took the company to the next level.

        Yes! They created a helmet in the shape of coronavirus.  He adds, “even if the corona goes away, the rubbish around us will not go away. So, I made this helmet using scrap paper, pigments, an old helmet, a long iron rod etc.” He contributed it to the police to create awareness among the public. He says, “I will give the helmet only if the police ask. I clean the helmet thoroughly before and after use. ”

The helmet had wordings like, ‘If you come out, I will come into you’ representing CoronaVirus. Following this helmet concept, Gautham wore the helmet and went and talked to people walking the streets. He asked them questions like ‘Who am I?’, ‘Can I come and sit next to you?’ They have a clear answer. Gautham did this to protect people by creating awareness. 

       The campaign smashed the internet globally. Karan Johar, Jimmy Kimmel and a lot of celebrities around the world retweeted and shared the post.

       So, how do you think, you can establish your brand in this situation with your rational thinking. 

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