Vanakam Makkale

India is one of the largest producers of textile and garments and it is the leading segment in the world. It generates employment for 35 million people and opens up scope for other ancillary sectors. The needs of the people are increasing day by day and people are very conscious about their dressing. So, the sales of garments in the retail segment are increasing.

          Marketing is all about reaching customers. Due to the pandemic, the lockdown has been implemented and people are not allowed to come out. So, most of the retail outlets are locked and do not have any revenue.

       Also, the apparel industry did not have the opportunity to either advertise or implement Aadi sales. An Aadi sale happens every year. This year, the retailers and the customers were not able to

     So, Pothys came up with a new-fangled idea to implement the Aadi sales virtually. The customer has to call the toll-free number and in return, they will get a video call. The salesperson will exhibit the dresses. The customer choice of dresses will be clearly shown to them and they can avail the discount. Finally, the dress will reach your doorsteps.

     A lot of us doubt ourselves about the sales of our business during these tough times. We can think laterally about reaching our customers virtually.

    Our brand has come up with innovative virtual surprises and we also have launched Guerrilla Marketing virtual courses. Think of converting your sales from 0 to 1. 

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