Vanakam Makkaley

         Burger King is an American multinational chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants. It is famous for its mouth-watering burgers and fashionable caps. They give the caps to the customers to treat them like a king.

     During this pandemic, they wanted to create awareness regarding social distancing. So, they designed the cap where it is radially 1 foot bigger. So, when two people wearing the cap sit, they will be distanced by 2 feet which easily achieves social distancing.

Burger King tweeted an image of two customers digging into a burger outside the Burger King outlet while using their special ‘Social Distancing’ crowns to stay safe. The post was captioned “Distancing, but make it fashion”. The oversized headgear is used to extend far enough off the wearer’s head to make sure that they are 1.8m away from the other customers. They also mentioned that “We wanted to enforce the rules of high safety” in an interview with Business Insider.

     This campaign gained international level fame and they solved the problem of social distancing which in turn gave identity to their brand.

     If the cap is worn by people they will get noticed and also people will step forward to take selfies with them.

     This is a simple campaign however, the reach was enormous. The cost of the cap would be expensive, still the responsibility and the response of the campaign were boundless.

     So, how do you want to showcase your brand to create awareness of social distancing?  

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