Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on generating maximum exposure for a product or service through low-cost marketing strategies.

   Here are seven tips for putting together an effective guerrilla marketing campaign:

  Choose a hot or contentious industry topic, identify your position, and make it known. Prepare to defend your point of view as well as to receive counter-arguments.

Distribute Products: In order to generate revenue, several companies provide free samples. To benefit from recommendations, go a step further and give away a full version of a product or a complete service. Have a drawing or hold a contest to choose the winner of this prize or complete service.

Don’t Worry About Annoying Your Prospects When It Comes to Follow-Up: Make a well-timed follow-up strategy and stick to it.

Respect the Coupons of Your Competitors: This strategy is used by retailers to attract clients who would normally buy somewhere else. You can utilise this method as well if you’re willing to upset your opponents.

Make a Financial Investment: To get people’s attention, use cold, hard cash. Give out dollar bills, including a note with the cash, or give out $5 bills with the promise of additional $5 following a free consultation.

Use tattoos: Get a tattoo with your company’s emblem or pay someone else to get one for you, and then flaunt it at a public event or party. If you succeed, the shock factor may be worth the effort.

Use social networking sites: Websites such as Facebook, YouTube are all free to join and receive millions of visitors each day. Post your company’s profile as well as any attention-getting ideas you have. Remember to provide a link to your company’s website.

Interactive Stickers for Light Switches:

     Business, schools, and workplaces used interactive stickers on light switches to save energy and reduce global warming consequences.

How are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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