Vanakam Makkalae.

       The main objective of Guerrilla Marketing is to get the greatest possible reach and brand engagement without causing huge holes in the pocket. The role of “Mask wearing” has become critical and very important in these situations. It protects the public from the wearer’s germs and vice-versa. Safety and social distancing is the need of the hour.

       Thyrocare director Velumani sir organised a most amazing campaign. Usually, they keep flyers with the newspaper for BTL (Bellow-The-Line) activities. Below The Line Marketing represents direct marketing or one-one marketing. BTL promotions are targeted at individuals based on their preferences and needs.

       Velumani distributed packed- Thyrocare branded masks. So, when people go out with their masks, there will be visibility for their brand. As it was a different idea, people started taking pictures and posted them on social media. It went viral on the internet.

       If he had opted for a newspaper advertisement, it would have cost him 5 lakhs. He procured 1000 masks for Rs.6000 and with all the discounts covered, he got it for Rs.4000. So, each mask is around Rs.4. People can buy them in Thyrocare centres. This would be useful for needy people, NGO’s, etc.

       So, it was a simple thought which had an excellent reach. The goal was to create brand awareness and it ensued.

       If the same campaign had been done by a small brand, it would have been featured in the newspaper and they would have gained a lot of attention.

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