Whatsapp Marketing

Vanakam Makkalae

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

   Whatsapp marketing is a type of messenger marketing that involves promoting brands through WhatsApp. Channels like this help brands reach a huge audience, build strong relationships with customers, and increase sales.

Why do we use Whataspp Marketing for business?

  WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. Its monthly active users have reached 2 billion in 2020. For businesses looking to reach audiences in developing countries, this marketing channel is a must-have. In India, there are 340 million monthly WhatsApp users, while in Brazil there are almost 100 million. 

   More than half of WhatsApp users use the app daily, so you can use WhatsApp marketing to stay connected with your customers. Moreover, you are almost certain they will receive your offers because texts have a 98% open rate.

  Advantages of Whatsapp Marketing:

· Strong relationships with customers

· Conversion rate is higher

· Increased sales

· Reduced marketing costs

You can grow your business with WhatsApp marketing, improve sales, build deep relationships with customers, and spend almost no money on marketing.

Tips to help your business succeed through Whatsapp Marketing:

· Provide real-time customer service

· Utilize the power of groups

· Take advantage of multimedia to enrich your texts

· Ensure the quality of your messages to maintain your audience’s interest

· Make full use of Whatsapp’s features

· In a real-time environment, messaging services such as WhatsApp are ideal for reaching your audience, promoting products and brands, and communicating with the public.

How are you planning to implement Whatsapp Marketing in your business?

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