The best billboards demand your attention with their large letters, overt statements, and striking images. The most effective Facebook advertising takes the opposite strategy.

   If you want to reach and engage with potential customers on Facebook, you must build advertising that fit in with the rest of the information on their news feed as much as possible. This entails emphasizing clear messages, uncomplicated graphics, and most crucially, little words.

    Facebook has discovered that photos with little to no text are used in the best-performing advertisements. Previously, they had a “20% rule,” which stated that in order to run an image-based ad on Facebook, your image had to have fewer than 20% text.

      To assist advertisers in determining whether their photographs had too many words, it even developed a text overlay tool.

    It’s wise to adhere to the 20 percent rule and use as little text as possible in your image-based advertisements.

Text Overlay Best Practices:

1. Choose the right font size.

2.  Include only a heading or one line of text.

3. Choose eye-catching, impactful text.

4. Use an alternative text overlay tool to see your text-to-image ratio.

5. Take advantage of a grid to align the text.

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