According to their own nature, guerrilla marketing tactics are memorable and unconventional, and they have the power to create a lasting impact on customers. Buyers are left amazed, pleased, and wanting to learn more about the product and/or service after a successful campaign. Brand recognition is improved by this marketing tactic.

A quick excursion in the Doctor’s TARDIS in a treeless park is what science world came up with.

The fact that people can see the trees “on the verge of being cut down” suggests to passers-by that they can intervene and prevent this.


Simultaneously, this may assist people in discovering that they were never sought their view on the matter in the first place.

  The tree campaign by Science World is one of many outstanding guerrilla marketing examples to be inspired by.

It is a kind of Provocation, which creates a hook in the people’s mind. Tree, environment, green marketing can be linked with business and a campaign can be created. It will last long in the memory of people and also improve the branding of the organization.

   It is creative, cost-effective and also informative. You will need only these to attract the target audience.

  So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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