Vanakam Makaley

   Different types of marketing are being explored. Ambush marketing is explained with an example.

   What is Ambush Marketing? Ambush means “to attack by surprise from a hidden place”. Ambush marketing is a strategy in which a new brand “ambushes” an event to compete for their brand exposure against the main sponsor of the sport. Most Ambush marketing campaigns aim to relate a brand with a prominence of a major event, without actually being an official partner. The advertiser may indirectly ambush an event by alluding to its imagery. Actions against ambush marketing are most common in sports.

During the Cricket World Cup in 1996, Pepsi aired a promotional campaign in India with the slogan “Nothing official about it” alluding to its long-time rival Coco-Cola being the official beverage sponsor. A writer of Economic Times in India regarded the ads as “perhaps one of the greatest examples of ambush marketing”.

   How can we use Ambush Marketing? Imagine an expo is happening. The stall costs Rs.25,000.  However, you do not have money to spend on the stall. Instead, you can hire promoters to wear your bright t-shirt with your brand name imprinted on it. That full day, they will be inside the stadium and people will notice and contact them. They have to keep interacting with people, hand out flyers, do group activities, etc. So your brand will have an identity and recognition. The total expense would be Rs.5000, which would be very less compared to the stall that is Rs.25,000. It is a cost-effective strategy. 

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