Vanakam Makkalae

           Advertising activities are usually differentiated based on marketing motives, target people and the budget of the marketer. Above The Line(ATL) advertising often referred to as Above the Line promotion consists of advertising activities that are mostly non-targeted and have a wider reach. 

        If your brand has a broad reach to a greater set of people you can use Above The Line marketing. For example if your brand has 4 locations/services in Chennai and your brand presence covers pan India then you cannot run a campaign based on the location. So, a national TV campaign, Newspaper Ad campaign or Radio Ad campaign where the viewers across the nation see the same advertisement across the mass community is called Above The Line Marketing. ATL spans bigger demography to reach a wider target audience.

     One of its main goals is to build brand recognition. Sometimes a brand has to “Go Big” and reaches a wider range of audience. Creating brand awareness among a larger audience is difficult for most of the brands. If we analyse how certain brands have achieved a considerable amount of fame and recognition, ATL comes into play. However, this type of marketing technique might be costly. 

         Small brands, location-based restaurants that deliver food across a 3 km range cannot use ATL marketing strategy. They can use a different type of marketing technique called Below The Line marketing or BTL. 

       So, think and strategize if you can use ATL or BTL marketing for your brand. 

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