Guerrilla Marketing by Meister Camera – Pixelation | Example of Viral Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a cost effective marketing strategy to drive publicity and, as a result, promote brand awareness by using unconventional methods designed to evoke surprise or shock in the hearts of the customers.  Connection to the emotions of a consumer is key to guerrilla marketing. The use of this tactic is not designed for […]

Prevent Graffiti Guerrilla Marketing Campaign| Viral Marketing Campaign

The goal of guerrilla marketing is to create maximum exposure for a product or service using low-cost marketing techniques. Guerrilla marketing is a term coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984 in his book “Guerrilla Advertising”. The Internet has made guerrilla marketing very popular among marketers.    Creative thinking is a key component of guerrilla marketing. […]

Guerrilla Marketing for a Sports Brand Pro Skates Skateboard Shop Guerrilla Marketing Example

Rationale behind Guerrilla Marketing:       Guerrilla marketing is predominantly dependent on creativity. Guerrilla marketing involves methods similar to those used in guerrilla warfare, such as raids, ambushes, and elements of surprise (but from a marketing standpoint!).    The goal of such a plan is to surprise the customer, leave a lasting impression, and generate a lot […]

Guerrilla Marketing by Gillette Razor | Viral Marketing Campaign

Creative Guerrilla Marketing – Gillette  What is Guerrilla Marketing?    These days, business competition is at an all-time high. Businesses want consumers to purchase their products, so they send them a lot of junk mail, spam emails, and unwanted phone calls. These traditional tactics are so familiar to consumers that businesses must sometimes think of alternative […]

Guerrilla Marketing by Folgers- Coffee | Viral Marketing Campaign

Folgers Coffee New York Guerrilla Marketing Campaign    What is Guerrilla Marketing?    The purpose of guerrilla marketing is to implement marketing tactics that are low-cost but yield maximum results. In 1984 Jay Conrad Levinson* wrote a book called ‘Guerrilla Advertising’ which coined the term. Guerrilla marketing is based on the idea of guerrilla warfare, a form […]

Creative Uses of Stickers Guerrilla Marketing by Derma graphic – Tattoo

Stickers are not only an innovative way to attract attention, but they are also an extremely cost-efficient way to create a lasting impression. Many companies whose only advertising consists of stickers have experienced a 550% increase in business. It is likely one of the main reasons why these stickers have become so popular is that […]

Mr.Clean’s – Zebra Crossing Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Viral Marketing Campaign

Unlike some marketing tactics, guerrilla marketing breaks out of the mundane or routine nature of others. In addition to being exciting, guerrilla marketing generates memorable interactions between your brand and the audience.   The goal of Guerrilla Marketing is to create maximum brand exposure and impact at the same time as being low-cost, out-of-the-ordinary, and innovative. […]

What is Personalized Marketing & How to implement to your Business?

personalized marketing

Vanakam Makalae What is Personalised Marketing?   Personalised Marketing is the implementation of a strategy in which the organisation delivers individualized content to its customers through collecting the data, analysis, with the use of automation technology.     The goal of personalised marketing is to engage customers by communicating with them as an individual. The Benefits of […]