Stickers are not only an innovative way to attract attention, but they are also an extremely cost-efficient way to create a lasting impression. Many companies whose only advertising consists of stickers have experienced a 550% increase in business. It is likely one of the main reasons why these stickers have become so popular is that they can easily be customized.

  Some common features of a successful guerrilla marketing strategy:

• Guerrilla marketing has the elements of creativity, quirkiness, and surprise. Consumers do not expect this as they go about their daily routines.

• As a marketing ROI, it is relatively cheap, if not purely in monetary terms.

• It has never been done before. At the very least, it is new to the target audience.

• The campaign is direct and creates buzz.

• The video has the potential to go viral on social media.

• Word-of-mouth marketing is a good fit for it.

• It will be perceived by many as a stunt.

• It’s a bit edgy. 

• Emotions are stirred by it. A good guerrilla advertising idea may create happiness, excitement, surprise, nervousness (in the case of a stunt perceived as dangerous), or even push people out of their comfort zone (something that many non-profits seek to accomplish).

    In the UK,  Dermagraphic Tattoos placed stickers of tattoos on several bathrooms and changing room mirrors so that customers could line up the tattoos in the mirror to give the impression that they were actually on their bodies, to promote its mission to “try before you buy a tattoo.”  Below the tattoo was another sticker with the message regarding their company name.

It was extremely trending and they have used the “Lean concept”.

How are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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