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What is Public Relationship marketing?

  Public relations is a strategic communication process that companies, organisations and individuals practice to build mutually beneficial relationships with the public.

  This technique is used to build a strong target audience. A public relations specialist prepares a detailed communication plan creating and maintaining and involves the media to create and maintain a positive brand image.

     What is the importance of public relations in marketing?

•  Building image and brand equity.

•  Launching new products.

•  Smooth functioning of the business.

•  Press Relations.

•  Media Relations.

•  Event Planning.

•  Corporate social responsibility.

Example 1:

When a new restaurant or a retail boutique is ready to launch, they invite a celebrity for the opening ceremony. This is PR marketing. The main reason for this is, the article about the launch by the celebrity will be published in the newspaper and it will be publicity for the restaurant or the boutique.

Example 2:

   The other type of PR marketing is inviting the media and paying them money to cover the launch. Also, as an additional marketing strategy, the coupons will be distributed.

What is Digital PR?

Businesses utilise digital PR as part of their online marketing strategy to boost their online visibility.

To generate high-quality backlinks, social media mentions, and boost their Search Engine Optimization, digital PR agencies network with journalists, bloggers, and influencers and send online press releases (SEO).  There are other methods of Digital PR marketing:

•  Publishing articles online to gain quality backlinks.

•  Networking with journalists and editors to improve backlinks.

•  Obtaining press coverage by distributing press releases and syndicating newsworthy content.

•  Outreaching the bloggers to gain the back links and mention them on relevant blogs.

•  To be influential on social media- reaching out to Influencer marketers.

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