Rationale behind Guerrilla Marketing:

      Guerrilla marketing is predominantly dependent on creativity. Guerrilla marketing involves methods similar to those used in guerrilla warfare, such as raids, ambushes, and elements of surprise (but from a marketing standpoint!).

   The goal of such a plan is to surprise the customer, leave a lasting impression, and generate a lot of talk on social media. In comparison to traditional marketing and advertising, the goal is to leave a lasting impact on customers. Consumers are beginning to tune out traditional forms of advertising such as television and radio commercials, as well as pop-ups. Consumers, for example, usually ignore adverts that appear before a YouTube video. This is where guerrilla marketing differs from traditional marketing methods in that it uses the element of surprise to attract the attention of consumers.


Pro Skates Skateboard Shop Guerrilla Marketing Example:

    To change our fellow pedestrian into a skating dude, Pro Skates Skateboard Shop placed removable vinyl stickers on crossing signs around high schools and skate parks. They reinforced Pro Skate as the go to skate board shop in Halifax.

What are the Pros of Guerrilla Marketing?

1.                       Budget-Friendly

2.                       Provides creative freedom

3.                       Capable of going viral

4.                       Can Take Advantage of Secondary and Tertiary Distribution Sources.

So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business? 

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