Guerrilla Marketing by Sushi Roll Sushi Train | Viral Marketing Campaign

What is Guerrilla Marketing?   In recent years, guerrilla marketing has grown in popularity as a marketing approach for start-ups and brands trying to transform their image.   Guerrilla marketing sounds nice in theory, but it has to be done well in order to be valuable to a company. Guerrilla marketing entails devoting time and resources […]

Guerrilla Marketing for a Sports Brand Pro Skates Skateboard Shop Guerrilla Marketing Example

Rationale behind Guerrilla Marketing:       Guerrilla marketing is predominantly dependent on creativity. Guerrilla marketing involves methods similar to those used in guerrilla warfare, such as raids, ambushes, and elements of surprise (but from a marketing standpoint!). ¬†¬† The goal of such a plan is to surprise the customer, leave a lasting impression, and generate a lot […]

Climate Change Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


The goal of Guerrilla Marketing is to achieve high exposure at a low cost using unconventional marketing techniques. The term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book Guerrilla Advertising. It was derived from the idea of guerrilla warfare. Unconventional methods are employed to defeat the enemy.   Given their limited resources and budget, Guerrilla […]