We are going to look into an example of “How they promoted a movie using Guerrilla Marketing?”

  Movies are usually advertised in many ways like making a website for the movie, creating social media pages, movie posters, keeping a journal and posting it online, sending out a newsletter, writing a press release, releasing a teaser, making a trailer, promoting at a film festival to reach a larger audience, etc.

   This movie about the last queen of France- Marie Antoinette by Columbia pictures was advertised in all possible ways. Also, a different concept was adopted by Columbia pictures.

   The Queen’s body was displayed in a photo booth. Viewers could keep their heads inside and snap pictures. This made them feel like royalty. Word spread like wildfire immediately and the film got an excellent response.

   This was a unique Guerrilla marketing to promote the film, which was immensely successful.

   So, how are you planning to implement these types of techniques in your business?

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