Guerrilla Marketing by Tanishq

     Despite the soldiers’ efforts, nothing is working against the enemy. In an unexpected turn of events, the special soldiers – the Guerrillas – enter the battle and turn the tide of battle with their unique talents.

     A Guerrilla marketing strategy uses unconventional and out-of-the-box marketing tactics that are fundamentally different from traditional marketing techniques. Guerrilla marketing comes to the rescue when traditional marketing fails. As a result of increasing competition, enterprises are using guerrilla marketing methods to introduce themselves, capture the market, and encourage customers to buy their products.

       In the digital age, Social Media campaigns, especially through short videos, are a buzz-worthy guerrilla approach that galvanize audience members into immediate action. With the right amount of human emotion in a video, it can instantly connect with a larger audience. In a short video, Tanishq, a jewellery brand, shows a Muslim family celebrating a Hindu daughter-in-law’s baby shower.

The above example illustrates that effective Guerrilla Marketing is the product of imagination, ingenuity, and improvisation. Your product’s story must be compelling. In order to rustle up fresh and exciting ideas for marketing, one needs to be aware of the latest happenings around the globe and keep pace with the trending topics to devise a dynamic and creative campaign.

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