Guerrilla Marketing by Sarova Hotel

    Guerrilla marketing tactics usually have an element of eccentricity and are intended to leave a lasting impression on the consumer. As a result of their creative and imaginative ideas, these campaigns tend (but are not always) to incur low costs when compared with the high levels of engagement they can potentially achieve.

  A hotel in Kenya called Sarova created a marvellous yet simple campaign to stop cutting trees and save them.

  There is something captivating and thought-provoking about this campaign, as well as its symbolic nature regarding the issue of deforestation. This guerrilla marketing campaign launched by Sarova Hotels in Kenya illustrates how they integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations.

      As illustrated by the cheetah relaxing on the street lamp after being forced out of its original habitat, humans are destroying the habitats of wild animals for our own reasons.

  In addition to their CSR projects, Sarova Hotels also support and empower the local communities for sustainable development and environmental conservation. Planting trees across Kenya is an important part of their effort to curb this issue, and this campaign raised awareness of their environmental endeavours quite effectively.

  To keep the cut-out of the cheetah, we will need permission from the relevant department. Rather than keeping a costly billboard, they used a cost-effective cut-out and grabbed people’s attention.

   So, how are you planning to implement this type of social awareness campaign in your business?

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