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What is Celebrity Marketing?

      Marketing which uses celebrities (popular person or a group of people) to advertise and sell their products and services is known as Celebrity Marketing.

    In the case of celebrity marketing, everything from walking the proper way, expressing yourself in the right way, wearing fashionable attire, and advertising the right brand must be taken care of by the marketer.

         A celebrity is a human being, but in the perspective of the audience, he is almost worshipped.         

     This promotional tactic is used by high-end brands in advertisements to influence potential customers.

          Athletes are always used by sports firms to promote their products. Rafael Nadal, a tennis player, is a Nike brand ambassador and always promotes Nike products. Nike also employs celebrity endorsers in the form of various football players. In India, Pepsi uses Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan as an endorser. Any product or brand can thrive from a celebrity endorsement.

Important points to be considered for Celebrity Marketing:

• Consistency between the brand and the endorser is important.

• Long term commitment between the brand and the endorser will help build confidence for using the product for the audience.

• The celebrity should be aware of your products/service.

• Monitoring the public image, conduct and behaviour of the celebrity are mandatory.

• The popularity of emerging stars and their low cost make them a good fit for any brand, which creates a win-win situation.

• Legal procedures play a crucial role in this case.

Far in advance, the marketer must develop a strategy for developing the celebrity’s brand and make contingency arrangements.

Does your business require celebrity marketing? How are you planning to implement it in your business?

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