Steps to create a Seasonal Marketing Campaign:

Vanakam Makkalae

What is Seasonal Marketing?

   As a business, you can expect fluctuations in traffic and sales during certain seasons. Seasonal Marketing is the process of marketing a particular product or service during a specific time of the year. Examples: During Akshaya Thriti, jewellery advertisements would utilize the opportunity to make sales; during the start of the New Year most of the Gyms introduce offers for the membership, etc.

Steps to create a Seasonal Marketing Campaign:

   While creating a seasonal marketing campaign, the steps to be followed are:

• Determine your goals: What is the outcome you are expecting from the campaign?

• Research your Competitors: Analyse your competitor’s past successful seasonal campaigns. What was their message? What type of content did they use? Did they win the hearts of the users? Did they only offer discounts? What are the things you feel they should have done? Ask these questions to yourself to inspire your own successful seasonal campaign.

• Plan ahead to get ahead: For the best possible results, do not wait until the last minute to execute your seasonal campaign. Start noting down the holiday seasons and planning your campaign and find out the following:

1.   Your Offer- What is the product or service that you are trying to sell? What are the offers you are going to make?

2.   Focus on the channels you will be using- Different channels will need different lead times, so figure out the channels and plan accordingly.

3.   Make sure that your assets are organised- The campaign will require written content and brand visualization.

4.   All your technical aspects are in the right place- Examine that the website can handle heavy surges of traffic.

• Offer unique products- The “seasonal” word means that there will be products/deals/discounts available only at a particular time. So, make sure to check that the competitor’s products do not have the same idea as yours.

Advantages of Seasonal Marketing:

• Create immediacy in your campaigns

• Give the customers a wake-up call

• Show that you are concerned about your customer’s needs

• Cost-Effective and Re-usable.

What are your unique plans/deals for seasonal marketing? 

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