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What is Freebie Marketing?

      Freebie marketing involves the idea of giving away a free gift with a purchase in order to increase consumer awareness and increase sales as much as possible. Companies may offer a product for free or very hard-discounted. Complementary products are the most common technique. Some food businesses offer containers to store the products.

Why is this strategy a brilliant idea?

· This technique is undoubtedly an excellent strategy for creating consumer demand.

· A free product with the brand’s logo ensures daily brand exposure to consumers.

· A free product increases brand awareness.

· Consumers feel rewarded if they purchase the free products on offer if they purchase a brand’s free product strategy.

How to implement this strategy?

1. The first step is to design an appealing packaging.

2. Understanding your target audience is crucial to understanding why giving them a free product or brand gift is appealing to them.

3. Identify a freebie that you want to offer. Develop a product that complements another one rather than competing with it.

4. Make a lot of promotional efforts. It is likely the most crucial part, if your campaign is not promoted, you will not get the results you need.

The following steps will help you build a marketing strategy that will help promote your business and increase awareness of a target audience with freebies. These steps will allow you to increase sales significantly.


  Depending on the country, Netflix provides a free trial for 30 days, which provides potential subscribers with a chance to sign up for free and view the whole library. The purpose of free trials is to increase the interest of the customer and to convince him/her to become a subscriber.

So, how are you planning to implement Freebie marketing in your business?

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