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What is Disruptive Marketing?

  Disruptive marketing entails employing novel tactics that challenge the status quo. Rather than adhering to conventional marketing wisdom, disruptive marketers experiment with novel, previously unseen marketing tactics.

A perfect storm of technological advancements, rising customer expectations, and fierce competition has contributed to a growing need for marketing disruption.

Tips for embracing disruptive marketing tactics:

  Use Technology:

     While technological advancements force us to come up with new disruptive marketing tactics, we can use technology for our benefit.

By utilizing technology, you can meet the increasing expectations of your customers. A personalized or humanized marketing experience is what customer’s desire.

A marketer who delivers one must be constantly aware of customers’ needs, challenges, goals, etc.

The Unified CRM:

   Each touch point between a brand and its prospects and customers is tracked by CRM. Based on that information, marketers can try out new tactics for personalizing outreach and delivering what customers need at every stage of their journey.

  For experimenting with new tactics, unified CRMs are the best tools because they provide A/B testing methods and data analytics to track outcomes.

Be Prepared to Fall:

   A lot of disruptive marketing ideas don’t succeed, as the marketers constantly test new ones. Adapt to it, because it’s a crucial aspect of disruptive marketing. Falling and getting back up are the best lessons. Trial and error are necessary for great things to happen.

Leave Emotions at the Door:

   You may think you have discovered the golden key to success with the new strategy you formulated. 

   Experiment with new strategies but be careful not to fall in love with them. Because it might work out or might not.

Stick to your convictions:

   Let criticism roll off your back if you devise a new plan that no one has ever tried, and you receive criticism upon mentioning it. Be willing to go against the grain regardless of what other people say.

Otherwise, disruptive marketing will not succeed. It takes courage, determination, and an unrelenting sense of confidence to disrupt.

   Tracking the results of every experiment meticulously, putting yourself in customers shoes, validating before experimenting, following the innovators, understanding your customers and the industry, by following all these, you will be able to successfully implement disruptive marketing. How are you planning to implement it in your business?

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