Vanakam Makkalae. 

     We are analysing the different types of marketing. Whenever a start-up or a small business begins the service or product they begin with BTL- Below The Line marketing. Below the line marketing methods involves low budget advertising which is focused on a specific audience and the information is meant to reach the customer directly. Most of the top companies use a combination of both – Above The Line as well as Below The Line marketing. 

       Below The Line marketing usually refers to marketing practices making use of different forms of promotion that does not involve the use of mass media. It does use an advertising agency and the expense of the marketing appears “below the line” on the bill to the firm.

       If the business is located and its service or products serves within 3-5 km of people, then the campaign would be targeted to reach out to people within that locality. 

       Example: If your business is in Anna Nagar, Chennai, first you will distribute flyers in Anna Nagar tower. Then advertising about the business in the local newspaper, performing activities in Mall these are called BTL. It mainly focuses on the audience in a particular locality.

   There are different types of tools for BTL :

• Internet Marketing

• Social Media Marketing

• Email Marketing

• Outdoor Advertisements

• Sales Promotions

• Pamphlets, brochures, paper inserts

         In your BTL campaign, if you are planning to integrate Guerrilla Marketing, instead of giving out flyers you might market unconventionally. 

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