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What is Word Of Mouth Marketing?

     Word-Of-Mouth marketing is when the customers talk about a company’s product or service to their friends. It is the customer’s interest and satisfaction that is reflected from their talk. It is a commonly used term in the business world.

   This Word Of Mouth can be anything like recommendations, online reviews about the product or service, shout outs on any social media platform, etc.  It creates a stronger relation between the duo and it works as an advertisement. Word Of Mouth is all about reviews.

     Example: In the Facebook app, if someone is enquiring about the best surprise planners in Chennai. If one of your friend’s is referring their mutual friend to the customer as, then that is called Word Of Mouth marketing.  It is a cost-effective method of marketing.

   Facts that are required for a brand to acquire space in the heart of people:

1.               A person has to hear the brand name at least 5 times to establish trust towards the brand.

2.               83% of people buy products or services after a recommendation from a friend.

3.               A Referral program is the best example of Word Of Mouth.

Advantages of Word Of Mouth Marketing:

· You can grow sales without Advertising- Many brands use word of mouth marketing instead of advertising to increase the sales and fan base.

· You are building a community instead of a commodity- Word of Mouth marketing works to build an engaged fan base rather than a buy and bolt customer.

Word Of Mouth advertising can be a monumentally strong player in growing your retail business.

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