The idea behind guerrilla marketing is to use unconventional methods to increase sales or attract attention to a brand or business.

   Guerrilla marketing is a hallmark of Ikea’s success. They specialize in space-saving furniture and unique installations. 

   They came up with the idea of installing racks in the staircase. In public buildings with books, clothes, etc., stickers were stuck on the stairs. Photos were then taken and published. The product was positioned as space-saving furniture.

     Each IKEA consumer has interpreted and experienced the brand differently and likely has positive memories of the brand. In the process of co-creation, many people relive a feeling of self-achievement. Meanwhile, the company keeps its marketing and business strategies innovative enough to generate the response it needs, and leaves it up to us, the consumers, to carry on its legacy.

    IKEA’s marketing strategy teaches us the following:

     Influencer marketing will never cost you a dime if you equip influencers with the tools they need to do their jobs.

• By co-creating with your stakeholders, you will engage and involve them.

• Solve problems through your offering, and you will never have to worry about sales.

• Reward the customer before they make a purchase.

• You can quickly establish relationships in new markets by using guerrilla marketing.

• Ensure your strategy is cohesive and consistent.

  So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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