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What is Self-Marketing?

   Self Marketing is also called Personal branding.  It creates an image or trust around a particular employee rather than a product. It helps the individuals to improve their image and reputation that would help them advance their careers. 

  Leads are more likely to buy from a person they know and trust than from a faceless brand.

    Sir Richard Branson is well known for outlandish marketing stunts, but he has had great success marketing himself. He is called the Poster boy of personal branding. 

Richard Branson’s Personal Branding: What can you learn?

• Identify the values that matter to you and portray those values in the world. Authentic values are ones that you believe in and can have a positive impact on the world. Fun, adventure and a daredevil attitude are the three pillars of Branson’s character.

• Determine the kind of people who would resonate most with you. There are a variety of possibilities based on what you do and what sector you’re in. You might be an entrepreneur, a government official, a musician, a runner, a corporate employee, a banker, a consultant, an artist, etc. Identify which magazines they read, which websites they enjoy, which associations they belong to. Your brand will be enhanced as well as you will make new contacts with like-minded people who share your passions.

• You should consider how you can instil those values in everything you do. On his social media accounts, Jason can be seen having fun, either with adventurous backgrounds or interacting with people who are having an excellent time, smiling, laughing, or even dancing.

• Be willing to give the public a glimpse into your life.

• Your business should reflect your values.

For my brand and my online marketing courses, I do personal branding. 

So, do you want to implement Self Marketing for your business?

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