Unlike some marketing tactics, guerrilla marketing breaks out of the mundane or routine nature of others. In addition to being exciting, guerrilla marketing generates memorable interactions between your brand and the audience.

  The goal of Guerrilla Marketing is to create maximum brand exposure and impact at the same time as being low-cost, out-of-the-ordinary, and innovative.

Guerrilla marketing derives its name from guerrilla warfare because both involve an element of surprise and an ambush of sorts.

 Marketing through guerrilla tactics is low-cost by design.

Marketing through guerrilla tactics is low-cost by design. Because it can take a smaller budget and still yield maximum results, it can be an effective marketing technique. A successful guerrilla marketing campaign will build buzz around the brand, be memorable to the audience, and also be low-cost.

Guerrilla marketing does not have to be done on a large scale to be successful. Take a look at our example, which comes from Mr. Clean.

   Despite being a small piece of real estate, a city crosswalk still creates an unforgettable experience for all the people who utilize it that day.

  One of the crosswalk stripes has been cleaned off to create a brighter white than the remaining dingey stripes. Mr. Clean’s marketing campaign illustrates the product’s ability to clean effectively.

Furthermore, it is clearly visible to pedestrians and stands out. This makes it easy to photograph and share.

So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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