Vanakam Makalae

   The essential part of any marketing business is advertising. Marketers are finding it hard to sell products in a push. Also, the consumers wanted to try the product before they buy it. Therefore, using the “try before you buy” approach in advertising helps people to select the products effectively according to their preferences. This is done using Augmented Reality Marketing. The users feel empowered and less likely the products are pushed to them. 

 What is Augmented Reality Marketing?

     A business practice in which marketers solicit more clients by enhancing the benefits of the product they are promoting is known as augmented marketing.

  Augmented reality is the ability to add digital elements in order to identify a live view with the help of a camera. It may or may not interact with the live view. AR is a technology that could be used to enhance or emphasize brand values for almost any product or service.

Example: AR can be used to try our cosmetic products like lip gloss, lipstick, compact powder on your face live digitally. Also, you can try on shoes for your feet or spectacles for your eyes. This can be referred to as a virtual video sale. 

   Augmented Reality marketing also means stacking up products and offering sales like “Buy one Get one free”. 

   Benefits of Augmented Reality Marketing:

• Try before you buy.

• It creates brand buzz.

• Immersive and Interactive experiences with a personal touch.

• Helps in customer buying decisions. 

So, how are you planning to implement Augmented Marketing in your business? 

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