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What is Employee Marketing?

     Employee marketing is the process of aligning everyone with company goals, improving workplace culture, and promoting brand advocacy by delivering relevant messages that drive desired behaviours.

   Employee marketing, also called internal marketing, emphasizes the identification of different segments of your workforce: office workers, frontline workers, remote workers, contractors, and partners. Communicators can then develop the best strategies to make sure that each of those different groups gets relevant information, so they’re always “in the know.” In turn, they’re more likely to use social media to share the company’s vision externally.

“Your employees are treated as internal customers”.

Benefits of Employee Marketing:

   An organization succeeds when its employees have easy access to the tools, information, and resources they need to do their jobs. A rising tide lifts all boats. A key objective of employee marketing is to make sure that the entire workforce understands the company’s goals. With a bigger picture in mind, they are more connected to the organization’s priorities.

· Improved Productivity:

     Increasing employee engagement is a top priority for companies for one simple reason. On the job, people perform better when they feel valued, informed, and heard.

· Improved Customer Experience:

  You and your customers are connected by your employees. The employee experience impacts the customer experience. Confidence, motivation, and happiness are more likely among employees who have what they need to succeed. The customers notice it too.

· Align everyone around a common goal:

     In large organizations, getting everyone to work together can be challenging. This is similar to steering a giant ship. Furthermore, it is impossible when nobody knows where they’re going or what their role is in getting there. It’s more likely that it will be smooth sailing when communicators use marketing tactics to ensure internal audiences understand the objectives.

  It also helps establish an inclusive culture and empower employee ambassadors.

   The future of employee marketing is bright. So, how are you planning to implement employee marketing in your business?

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