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What is Communal Marketing?

   Communal marketing strategy is based on positive customer feedback and participation. Most of the companies may benefit by implementing them, particularly a company selling mainly to one target group benefits from communal marketing.

   Businessmen are the primary users of Communal Marketing. They believe in word of mouth publicity and viral marketing. It is based on the 80/20 rule. So, 20% of the previous customers give the sales up to 80% to the company. Here they share a review of the product for a particular company that builds a high level of trust in the customer’s minds.

Who are the target customers of communal marketing?

   The customers who have trust and are loyal to the company.

How to plan a successful communal marketing campaign?

•  Start the communal campaign with the necessary steps and apply it very carefully.

•  Invite the past customers to the campaign.

•  Request them to share their stories about the product and give ratings, reviews and feedback.

•  Monitor the shared reviews, ratings and respond to them appropriately.

•  Pick the best post to promote your ad.

Why Communal Marketing?

The essential points in Communal Marketing are:

•  Communal Marketing creates a healthy relationship between the company and its consumers.

•  It generates a high trust value and brand value, which in turn increases the company’s sales rate.

•  It also creates new customers through this campaign.

Example: My friend Dharaneetharan uses his customer’s reviews and success stories/transformation stories as a tool to attract more customers to buy his service (Online classes).

What are your thoughts about Communal Marketing and how are you planning to implement it in your business?

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