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What is Field Marketing?

   Field marketing is a type of marketing in which brands get their products in front of customers “out in the field,” such as at retail locations, events, college campuses, or public places. Promotions, demos, and direct sales are examples of field marketing initiatives.

Field marketing objectives vary by campaign and company, but some common objectives include brand awareness, an increase in sales at targeted locations, and an increase in engagement with local purchase communities.

Top Field Marketing Strategies:

1.  Product Sampling and Demonstration:

            Typically, product demos and sample campaigns occur at trade shows. Campaign goals vary depending on the product, the target audience, and other factors. Marketers attempt to engage potential customers on-site.

Food and beverage companies giving away samples in supermarkets and at community events is one of the most common forms of product sampling.

2.  In-Person Events:

  Among the best-known examples of field marketing in action are events, which often involve in-person outreach.

   Regardless of the type of event, field marketers look for opportunities to build relationships based on specific sales and marketing goals – this may involve hosting an event, or it may mean participating in a large event like a niche trade show.

 The key takeaway here is, it is not mainly about the event itself, and more about the results or the outcome.

3.  Street Promotions:

   A street promotion is typically conducted by sending teams of marketers to hand out free samples, flyers, coupon books, or some sort of incentive that relates to the event.

  It often involves giving away samples like the product demonstration approach, but the emphasis is on improving brand perception.

4.  In-Store Promotions:

   Product demos drive in-person sales differently than in-store promotions. In this case, field marketers engage customers by offering relevant products.

   This type of lead generation is usually aimed at generating sales for high-consideration services

5.  Merchandising:

   The purpose of merchandise is to entice customers into entering a store or making a purchase by creating displays in retail stores.

  To ensure a successful partnership between brands and retailers, field marketers work closely with retail partners.

So, how are you planning to implement field marketing in your business?

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