Vanakam Makalae

     Guerrilla marketing is a unique type of marketing. It is used to promote a product or service unconventionally with cost-effective methods and creative ideas. The article is about the Corona Auto campaign by Velammal Institutions.

    The Corona helmet campaign by “Art Kingdom” Gautham was a huge success. Similarly, Velammal Institutions had the urge to do a campaign similar to that and approached Gautham for ideas and implementation

     Gautham, a creative artist, designed an auto, which is a corona replica, with spikes in its body, attracted people of Chennai and with Velammal Institutions logo in them. They also distributed flyers regarding this auto and there was branding for Velammal Institutions in them. They also mentioned “Stay Safe”.

             The “Corona Auto” was used to spread awareness among the people of Chennai to use a mask while walking out of their house. The Corona auto was made of 165 used and thrown plastic bottles. It took six days with the help of six people to design and make the Corona Auto. It also had a loud public speaker to announce awareness messages to people regarding wearing masks.

     The pre-launch of the campaign was done by a politician. It had newspaper coverage, media, etc. This by itself turned out to be a bandwagon.

     The campaign had an excellent social media reach. There were articles about the campaign and it was a tremendous success.

     So, the innovative idea right from Corona helmet to Corona auto was a super hit and made people aware of wearing masks.

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