Guerrilla marketing focuses on a variety of low-cost, unconventional marketing techniques that capture consumer attention quickly and produce maximum results.

The term “guerrilla advertising” was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book “Guerrilla Advertising.” Guerrilla Warfare, a type of irregular warfare, inspired the concept. Armed civilians used to devise clever war-winning strategies.

  Guerrilla marketing entails carrying out some unusual and unique marketing activities in public places in order to create a buzz for a brand or product.

    Your guerrilla marketing strategies and campaigns don’t have to be expensive to be epic and highly visible!

  Not to mention the fact that 27% of German industry leaders use unconventional marketing to promote their brands.

  Guerilla marketing relies heavily on the element of surprise. Guerrilla marketing is used to reach out to the target audience by both large and small companies alike due to its unconventional campaign strategies. According to guerrilla marketers, their approach has reduced their ad spending by up to 90%.

   Today we are going to recall a simple Guerrilla Marketing campaign by an Ice Skating company.

This campaign was carried out in Ireland by an advertising agency. In this country, skiing is very popular. When the winter season starts, all of the cars that come into the store will have a small cut-out of a man skiing kept near the windshield. When the winter is particularly harsh, the man appears to be skiing in the snow. It appears to be adorable and cute.

We’d see posters flipped in the car mirror, which would occasionally irritate the customer. Customers, on the other hand, praised this skiing example, making the campaign a great success.

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