Vanakam Makkale

What is Community? 

     A group of people living in the same place or having common interests is called Community. 

What is Community Marketing in Business?   

    Community marketing is the marketing strategy in which the company focuses on a community of people to sell their products. They would have already purchased it from you. They will be constantly engaged and nurtured by the business owners to make them buy their products often. They were probable leads and have been converted to customers. They like your product and services. So, for the same set of the audience if the business owner is planning to sell some other products, then the sale is comparatively easy. You build strong long-term relationships with your clients, putting them first. 

Example: If your target audience are women and you have already sold products to them. There are 50 women who have purchased sarees from you and they liked your service and quality. You constantly engage them through Whatsapp, mail, and special events. In this scenario, you bring a new product for this set of customers. So, this is called Community Marketing. The product is curated especially for this group, and then the sale will happen easily. 

   Another example: I conduct courses regarding Guerrilla marketing, Canva, etc. If there are a group of 100 people who have benefited from my course and if I plan to sell some other related courses to them, this is called Community Marketing. Community marketing focuses on satisfying the special needs of the existing customers.  

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