Vanakam Makkalae

        Covid has been a pandemic that has disrupted life across the globe. Offices are shut, schools are closed and the streets are deserted. The whole momentum has been put on pause. Few aspects of our lives got shattered and the freedom to move around and meet people and socialize has been put on a halt. 

    The children being held inside the house amidst the chaos outside are all confused. The joy of going out and meeting friends and playing with him is dearly missed. They are all grumpy, depressed and just praying for everything to be normal again. They are forced to spend time on TV screens or mobiles. 

        “Boost” health drink advertisements always focus on playing cricket on the ground with a lot of people around. Celebrities play with children and most of the campaigns would be filled with people.

       The pandemic campaign was unique and it was a super-duper hit on social media. Virat Kohli, Boost’s brand ambassador takes up the challenge and encourages kids to stay safe and play at home (#PlayAtHome) and hone their skills. He plays with the bat inverted and pats the ball confined inside the home.  Virat Kohli posts this on his social media account to amplify the message. Virat has been associated with Boost for more than 4 years. 

       Many kids and adults shot for the campaign and posted their videos online. The Boost #playathome campaign inspired and empowered many kids to enhance their skills being inside the house.

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